Fancy flying in a full wet-down?

This year we added the Acecore NEO to our fleet, rated waterproof it gives us the ability to fly a heavy lifter in light or heavy rain and even within a full wet-down with fx rain being produced by rain bars, that’s pretty wet.

When coupled with our rain deflector keeping the lens clear of visible water droplets the results can be pretty stunning.

To find out more about how the elements don’t need to slow down your shoot get in touch via the enquire button in the header.

Aerial Craft | Equipment | RED and Ultraprime on Movi M15

We’ll give you a shoot day for free

Aerial Craft specialise in flying drones for TV and Film, we can provide everything from a sub 7KG single-operator drone shooting broadcast 4K to a fully waterproof heavy-lifter carrying an Alexa MINI with full lens control and rain deflector.

Do you or someone you know have a passion project you're working on?

Something for the love rather than immediate financial reward like a show-reel or a low budget documentary? Then Aerial Craft want to get your aerial shots for free.

We always try to schedule one day a week to practice flying, this year we want to use this day to help your passion projects. It’s good for you because you can get free aerial footage from a reputable, qualified and insured operator! It's also good for us, we get to make new contacts, practice our skills and help everyone learn what can be achieved with drones.

We can fly all size of camera systems up to and including an Arri Alexa MINI or RED Dragon. You provide the camera and we will fly it or you can have the pick of our in-house kit, the DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse x5s camera or our heavy lifter rig with a Panasonic GH5 and MFT lenses.

If your shoot involves us traveling, we might ask you to help cover our fuel costs but we will be as friendly as possible.

So get in touch, we’re excited to see what shots you want to incorporate into your project. The more adventurous you want to be the more it's going to appeal to us. It should be an opportunity to push the envelope of what the equipment is expected to deliver.

We love flying indoors, in the dark, top-mounting, hand-launching, etc... so what can you come up with?

Aerial Craft at Pinewood Studios Wales.

We’ve moved

At the start of 2018 We moved offices and we now have an Office and Workshop in Pinewood Wales. The Pinewood name has been synonymous with some of the big and small screen’s most enduring productions over an 80-year history.

Its studio complex to the north-east of Cardiff city centre, Pinewood Studio Wales offers 70,000 square feet of stages, 50,000 square feet of backlot, production office space, support facilities, a thriving creative industry hub and access to skilled local crews.

It’s a great base for us with access to the many productions gearing up the year ahead, if you want to drop in and discuss any upcoming projects feel free to call by.

If you want to get in touch by post then please use: Aerial Craft, Pinewood Wales, Wentloog Avenue, Cardiff, CF3 2GH

Our favourite humanitarian drone company

Zipline International a Silicon Valley startup is using drones to deliver medicine and blood to patients in Rwanda, and it plans to expand to other countries by the end of the year. They announced this week that it will begin flying its drones in Rwanda in July, under a partnership with the government. The unpiloted autonomous vehicles will ferry supplies to hospitals and health centers across the tiny East African nation, forming what Zipline describes as the world’s first drone delivery system to operate at a national scale.