Aerial Craft | Drones, Cable Cams & Gimbals for Film, TV & Commercials

Equipment & Services

Aerial Craft uses remote controlled stabilised camera systems to develop specific shots for the film and television industry. Lightweight gimbals carrying full size cinema packages that can quickly go from handheld to airborne, underslung on a vehicle mounted remote arm or black-arm, wirecam or monorail. From our offices in Pinewood Studios Wales, Aerial Craft shoot throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide capturing groundbreaking cinematography.

Aerial cinematography

Whatever size project you're shooting we can provide a complete aerial camera team or just pilot and operator to work within your crew. All our drone packages come with complete redundancy, two of everything, whether it's two heavy lifter drones, two gimbals or two video feeds. With the option of a wet weather drone as weather cover, it's going to take a lot to keep us from getting your shots.

Freefly Alta X

Freefly Alta 8

DJI Inspire 2

Acecore NEO

Wirecam & Monorail Camera Systems

Cable cam and monorail gives the ability to film point to point in a controlled repeatable fashion. Descender rigs and pulley driven drop systems allow us to perform swooping and falling shots. If filming overhead a safety line ensures redundancy in the rope system and repeatable fast camera moves in close proximity to actors and objects.



Handheld Gimbals

We work with the latest Movi-Pro and Ronin 2 gimbals, capable of carrying Sony Venice and Alexa mini cameras with in typical handheld mode setups. Combine gimbals with our Ready Rig and Easyrig vests and you have a system capable of shooting all day long. If you want to dry hire we can do that, although you'll get more out of the kit if we provide tech support or movi qualified operator, we'll build the team around your needs.

Freefly Movi Pro

DJI Ronin 2

Ready Rig GS & Pro Arms

Remote arms, dampening systems & Car mounts

Lightweight gimbals have revolutionised car shots. Our remote arm allows productions to obtain vehicular crane shots once only available to feature films. Whilst the black arm provides a quick, cheap and reliable alternative to tracking car setups. Coupled with the ability to quickly switch the gimbal to handheld mode or use as a crane head gives your production absolute flexibility.

Motocrane Remote Arm

Flowcine Black Arm

RigWheels Cloud Mount